Friday, 13 May 2011

Learn how to make your own skill tweak for tales of pirates

tales of pirates skill tweak

today i will show you how to edit the file "characterAction.xt" 
and what this file do , well its the file that animate your character skill movement 


"today i will show you how to edit the file" all you show me is some numbers and letters but not wath to change or a short example.tyvm

The first column is the Animation-ID

2nd column: start frame of the animation-sequence

3rd column: end frame of the animation-sequence

4th column: 1st keyframe

5th column: 2nd keyframe

6th column: 3rd keyframe
if u want change any skill action ,, simply change the colum 2-3 and u have the name of the skills posts there o.o so pick a number and change whatever u want by editing the column 2 3 values

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